... 2 jahre später / 2 years later

... und zwei jahre später hab ich mich nun entschieden, wieder da zu sein. vor kurzem hat mich jemand daran erinnert, wie gern ich fotografiert habe. wie sehr ich das mochte und wie stolz ich auf die fotos war. ich bin noch nicht sicher, wo es nun hin geht. mit diesem blog. mein leben hat sich verändert. ich bin aufs land gezogen. ich hab hasen, hund und schildkröte. ich hab meinen gemüsegarten erneuert, verändert, vergrößert. ich koche nun in meinem brötchenberuf marmeladen und baue tomaten und anderes gemüse an. good morning - midnight - das label - hat manchmal ein wenig pause gemacht, hat die freude an der langsamkeit gefunden. ich hab viel gestrickt und gehäkelt und auch das wird nun ein teil von good morning - midnight sein. ich mache weniger märkte und messen. versuche dafür umso mehr im garten zu sein. mehr zu lesen. mehr zu kochen. mehr zu leben.

... and two years later i decided to be back again. recently someone reminded me how much i loved taking pictures. how proud i was by taking and showing pictures. i'm not quite sure where things are going with me and this blog from now on. i moved out of the city and back in my hometown. a small village. i've got two sweet rabbits, one turtle and a dog. i renewed my vegetable garden. it is bigger, more organized. prettier. in my daytimejob i'm also growing vegetables, herbs and other plants and i make marmelade, syrup and things like that with people with disabilities. good morning - midnight - the fashionlabel had to take a little break and started to love working slower. i knitted and croched like crazy and this will be a part of good morning - midnight from now on. i try to do less trade shows and spend more time outside instead. read more. cook more. live more.

finally. i color the sky with you. behind the scenes.

pictures by: hanna tögel. model: kiyoko andrea metzler. hair & make up: nancy ks. assistent: angelina rauscher. merci, meine damen... you were great! oh. it's done. there are finally a couple of pictures of new and old pieces. there's a new collection called "i color the sky with you" and we are so proud to share the first. and here's a big hug to our wonderful helpers with the shooting (thank you hanna, kiyoko, nancy and angelina) and all the work with sewing, creating, cutting, ironing and millions of other things... (thank you simone, carina, nazanin and angelina). you were great. amazing. wonderful. thank you. and now i'm starting to fill up the shop with all the gorgeous new pieces. there are a few markets and fairs to come in the following weeks and months. and this year is still going to be adventurous. i'm starting a new job in a couple of weeks and i'm working on a lot of new pieces. and for the moment i'm just having summer. and it's a great summer over here. maybe the hottest summer ever. at least since 2003.

sentiments it's up to you

"hummingbird is singin / i can hear her through the trees / singing of her days gone by / in perfect melody / do I take the task / of telling her the truth / or do I let the world around her / be the window she sees through"

"some might take a holiday to escape from what they see / why don't waste away waste away waste away with me"

"sentiments it's up to you / when will you respond / follow me I swear its true / come on come on come on"
(imaginary cities)

maybe this band - the imaginary cities - and florence now belong together because i missed them play live in vienna while i was in italy. i've listened to hummingbird for about a thousand times now. and i think it's about time for me to get on the way to be truly satisfied with life.

finding that i'm right back on that train again

"hangin' at the station waiting for the final ride / time passes by / and it's getting harder to pretend / counting all the cracks in the pavement / don't ask why / but i'm moving closer to the edge / and it goes slow like the hours in my head / try to make your mark / try to keep from fading away / tell me lies / how to live and what you'd recommend"

"tell me that you'll break away / say that it's all gone / go ahead and count the days come on come on come on" (imaginary cities)

i've been to florence for just a couple of days to visit a wonderful friend and to stroll around town. unbelievable ill unfortunately. but florence made me forget that. i got obsessed with windows, flowers, the markets, the sound and the smell of the city. and of course the food.
things have been so fast around here in vienna. even though i'm taking a break from my daytime job, time is running through my fingers and i've got the feeling to work all the time, to never stop doing something, thinking something... it seems doing and thinking has taken power over living, feeling, smelling, tasting, hearing ... all that basic stuff. and that basic stuff is what makes a life worth living isn't it?
but i've found some new music to love (see lyrics)... and i've grown very fond of my camera again. and i need to remember to take breaks from time to time. spring is in the air. even though vienna will never be florence. and the sound and smell will never be able to make me as happy.

private dining

lately i've been trying to take pictures of things i cook. again. i've tried a couple of times. but i must confess... i'm just not that good. i'm not good in arranging food and having lots of wonderful plates and stuff like that. and i'm not very good in taking pictures of food because i don't want it to get cold... and because i'm not very patient when i'm hungry. but i was thinking i could do it anyway... maybe i'll turn it into a project like 52 weeks 52 new recipies. i watched that "julie & julia" movie lately... what a surprise. and i love, love, love to cook. i've got an enormous collection of vegan and vegetarian recipies... and someone needs to try them anyway. and i need to think more about the things i eat. i didn't care too much lately and i like food and eating to much for not caring. so i made babaganoush. and a couple of days earlier i made a mix of abalone mushrooms with seitan and a mix of asian green leaves...

keep me searching

"i want to live, i want to give / i've been a miner for a heart of gold / it's these expressions i never give / that keep me searching for a heart of gold / and I'm getting old" (neil young)

i just wanted to share the line of a song i love so, so much.... these words seem so true. and i've been wanting to share these pictures of a wonderful market we've been a part of. they were taken at the feschmarkt last november.

back for good...

"kick down the gas pedal / turn off the light / let's float like the moon through this saturday night / we're restless / we're tired / we're lonely and sad ... take me to those places that i've never seen / it might make me that person that i've never been" (komeit)

i think i might be back. i mean, i wasn't really gone... but i needed to take a break from blogging, from advertising my work all the time, from thinking about work twentyfour hours a day and seven days a week. i mean, i didn't take a real break from work... i just tried to focus. to get things clear with good morning - midnight and with my life in general. but you really need time for a project like this. good morning - midnight is going a way into getting more and more professional. our shows and exhibitions got bigger and we didn't get along very well with the work behind the scenes. after taking a break from blogging i decided to take a break from my daytime job. and now there are about seven month ahead of me to get things in the right way and to find a way to life with my work and not to balance on the edge of an imminant burn out.

good morning -midnight is working on a new collection, on taking new pictures and on a couple of upcoming exhibitions. and i for myself started to crochet. i saw a blanket like this in a magazine and i remembered i've always wanted to know how to make one of it for myself... i think i'm working on it for about two weeks and i only finished half or a third of the squares. sometimes my hands get tired of crocheting... but i'm addicted. i can't stop before it is done.

at the end of the world

"and if i only could stand i wouldn't have to swim but my weakness is a lake and i'm not aware i take whatever floats along isn't meant to be strong but keeps the future unclear and that's one reason to swim here" (dust covered carpet)
"all the dams will give, at the end / at the end, at the end of the world / will you swim for me? (rainer maria)

one really couldn't say i'm one of these bloggers who's lifes seem perfect and full of days that make sense. hm. maybe i've always wanted to be one of those. but i failed. and i can't really write about things that are perfect. so i've given up searching for a perfect life. at least for a moment. i'll try to live with uncertainty and with having no safe path. at least until the plan starts to rise again... and it will. i know it will.

good morning - midnight is growing. and i think it is on a good way. autumn will be full of exhibitions, markets and shows. there are new pieces in our heads and we are working on backfilling our stock. so life never gets boring or dull. there are only a few weeks left until we hit the road again for the next exhibition. and in case you haven't already seen it... here's an exeptional awesome blog feature about our label. thank you so much, steff...

markets and weathers

lately there were a couple of shows and markets with good morning - midnight. there was the modepalast in vienna and last weekend the frauenkunshandwerksmarkt ottensheim. i like doing these exhibitions even though they are so much work and i was so exhausted after that last weekend... still ottensheim was very special. well, not so much for the weather because it was raining like crazy and there were not so nice winds. but it's kind of a very impressive little city. and i liked linz. there was awesome vegetarian food and there were great bars...

after i had finished unpacking at home i had to finalize the work on a custum order... and after that i had something like a little meltdown. things were heavy these last weeks and months. i tend to not realizing how much i'm working and doing and how little rest i get. so i decided to leave the city for a couple of days. and to do some work that is really, really relaxing. i've made jam and syrup. lavender. mint. and balm. the lavender syrup is awesome. it's pink and oh so wonderful. and the jam is made of currant and black currant. next thing i'd love to do is home made soap...