dirty dream number two

i'm lucky, I can open the door and I can walk down the street/
unlucky, I've got nowhere to go and so I follow my feet

a choice is facing you, a healthy dose of pain/
a choise is facing you as you stare through the rain/
a choice is facing you but I choose to refrain for today/
tomorrow we'll be back in trouble again

things creep up on you when you are fast asleep/
you are dreaming, you are sleepy/
you are stuck to the sheets

(Belle & Sebastian)

good morning - midnight loves... grey

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... we are featured on etsy

I'm very proud that Good Morning - Midnight got featured in the gift guide "The Fashionista" on etsy. I think this is such a great chance to get new people around the world to recognize us.

The Fashionista

good morning - midnight

Good Morning - Midnight-
I'm coming Home-
Day-got tired of Me-
How could I-of Him?

Sunshine was a sweet place-
I liked to stay-
But Morn-didn't want me-now-

I can look-can't I-
When the East is Red?
The Hills-have a way-then-
That puts the Heart-abroad-

You-are not so fair-Midnight-
I chose-Day-
But-please take a little Girl-
He turned away!
(Emily Dickinson)

... we love this song since forever. Sybil was an Italian band who only recorded one album - "in a small town" - in 1997. Well, the poem by Emily Dickinson is wonderful but it is even better knowing the song.

it has to start somewhere...

A couple of weeks ago we opened up our shop on etsy. I - the female part of Good Morning - Midnight - is going to write this blog to let you know, who we are and what we like and do... in fashion and in general. I can not always speak for the two of us. But I'll try...

We are Good Morning - Midnight. We make clothes.