dance party / summer lasts forever

i told you about partys on way too small terraces... oh, this was so much fun. we had an ipod booster and tons of food and drinks. the other, larger terrace had no roof and there was no place for all of us inside the house. so we decided to occupate this small balcony. it also had a little kitchen and my uncle and cousin decided to roast bacon. i don't eat meat but it was quite a lot of fun to watch them cooking. particularly with regard to all the things that can go wrong in a small kitchen...

summer and winter and new pieces

we have a couple of new pieces that will be in our shops within the next days... to tell the truth, they are variations of already existing pieces. but we think they look wonderful in other colors too.

christmas in summer

so we have been at the sea one last time this year. it was a christmas present. it became some kind of a habbit that we go to the sea once a year for a couple of days with my whole family. my brothers, my dad, my uncle and aunt, my cousin. everyone with their partners. we are twelve persons. and it is awesome. every year it starts to rain for at least one day or it is terribly cold. than we have to do something else than lying around, staring at the sea. we go mini-golfing, we play tabletennis and we celebrate parties on way too small terraces... we do a lot of crazy stuff. and we have fun. i love this crazy, wonderful, special family so much. and i love the fact that we found this way to celebrate christmas in summer.

first steps...

recently we took the first step outside our own walls and outside the internet. i mean with good morning - midnight. we were showing our pieces at the webermarkt haslach three weeks ago. oh my, this was exciting. moné and i shared a booth and all the adventures around this happening... and it sure was exciting. it was raining cats and dogs and it was cold like crazy the first day. in the middle of summer. still hundreds of people were coming, we were not expecting that on a day like this... and they liked our pieces. it looked like they really did. that first day i didn't find one minute to sit still and think about what was happening because there was just so much to do. right on time when we started to clear our booth in the evening the sun was coming out and fortunately staying the whole next day. even if we had the most wonderful friends there who gave us a hand whenever we needed it i didn't find the time to look around and see other exhibitors. things were just too exciting, new and wonderful... and i'm so glad to have people around who are simply there with so much love and care and joy and cheerfulness...

dear summer

there are still so much things to do as long as summer lasts. summer is way too short here in vienna. and almost everything i love has something to do with summer... that's why i always get into panic around this time of the year. the start of august tells me, that summer will be over too soon (you never forget the long years of two months summerbreak as a kid, where the start of august was telling that school is starting sooner or later). in august days are getting longer, the sun starts to get a different light than around midsummer, august smells like the ending of something and not like a start... i always prefer the start of something to an ending.
but i've learned a lesson this summer: i do not need and do not want to feel bad about packing as much freedom, time outside and time off from work into these short months... because this is the only time i really feel free and always good about everything. i could jump through the whole summer - jump of joy and high spirits. i want to feel and live all this happiness to save it for days that are not so bright and shiny...

here's my plan for those last weeks of summer in this year.

to do.

. go for a swim in the evening.
. go for a swim in the morning.
. make lime granita.
. hold feet into the sea or a lake.
. go hiking.
. swim in a lake.
. learn to walk on a slackline.
. listen to hundreds of songs of the awesome lucksmiths.
. start to write a diary.
. learn to be quiet.
. take tons of pictures.


. high heels.
. my new vintage dress.
. a bow around my neck.
. straight hair.
. sandals.
. way too short skirts.
. self made pieces.
. a new bag.
. grey chucks, which i've got to buy first.

eat and drink.

. lime juice.
. lime tarte.
. watermelons.
. mojito made by my little big brother.
. vegan burgers.
. homemade granita.


... and than we've been to munich last week. i stumbled upon daylesford organic, i've wanted to see this shop for quite some time and it is amazing. calm and clear, rural and urbane... just wonderful. i love the concept behind it and the quietness of the shop and the iced tea and the tartes... and i stopped by the haus der kleinen künste, we will show and hopefully sell a couple of our pieces there for three months starting with september ...


we have been on the road for quite some time... recently it was the west of austria, meran and munich. working and being away - that's what our summer is all about. and it is a lot of fun. i love the feeling of neverending freedom and independence. it's as important as breathing. i'm not really able to get this feeling in the colder seasons. i need sun to get my mind free but i told that several times. here's a plan: i need to get as much freedom and sun as long as it lasts to save it in my heart and soul for all the grey days that are going to come...