no, this was not the last sunday. but the one a week before. the one after the saturday blogpost. back in vienna we try our best to take some time out. to enjoy summer and look over our shoulders...
at the moment this is not working so well because we have to prepare for a crafts-fair we will participate in. more about that in one of my next posts.
there is a heatwave here in vienna and it's so damn hot. i love that. but for the moment i feel i can't do anything else but staying inside and hide until sun sets. but that's ok. we have to do tons of work to prepare the fair anyway.

weekends away: these were the happiest days / 3

staircases around my home do not look half as nice as these... in fact i think i've never seen stairs as fantastic and special as these anywhere. i know i need to stop this 'everyplace is better than here' - thing immediately. just give me a few more days or months ...


back at our place we try to go for our resolutions. we went outside on saturday morning... we went for a walk at the market near our place to buy some sour-cherries and a watermelon. yesterday and the day before i made jam. yeah, i know it's old fashioned and kind of weird but i love it. and it is always good to know you have something sweet around you. we had a lot of black-currents in my mums garden and i mixed it with gooseberry and red-current. the day before i made some simple apricot jam. now i should start some real work. hope everyone out there is having a good time too...

weekends away: these were the happiest days / 2

remember when forever seemed just fine? / seen through glasses of rose coloured wine / they'd sit up all night talking / now she's sound asleep to the sound of his walkman (the lucksmiths - southernmost)

before we got on this trip i had completely forgotten what freedom ment to me. that it had a lot to do with being outside, having time to do things in my own time. everyday life in the city passes so quickly without any time to look over your shoulder and see all the things that are beautiful. you need time to see those things. i think i kind of lost that within those long last winter. we didn't see the sun for months and i need sun to see clearly. the factor of time and the factor that it is passing so fast has been irritating me for a long, long time and i always thought that it is my fault because i work so hard and do so many things at the same time that i never find time to stand still and look or listen around. i thought if i finally would have time to be a little slower, time would pass less quickly. well - it does not. you can't change time. but you can fill it with doing your best in living your life the way you love it. you can try not to rush through it. you can try to see things you didn't have time before... at least that's my plan.

weekends away: these were the happiest days / 1

weekends away: these were the happiest days / ill with the thrill of the chase / they'd take a train / take of friday for the coast / in summer they'd go southernmost / where the sky was swimming-pool blue / and the swimming-pool was too... (the lucksmiths - southernmost)

so we have been away. southernmost. and we really took a train. a lot of trains and ships actually. i love time on trains. time seems to stand still. on trains you have time for being quiet, reading, feeling the slow move and the change of the landscape. i'm so in love with slow travelling. it gives me time to finally let all the rush and crazyness of everyday-life go and open my mind and spirit for something new. and this definitely was something new... more about this adventure in the next posts.