collections: hello wonderful

a new treasury i made on etsy with a title that reminds me of a song i love so much by a band that broke up quite a long time ago...

oh... and it made it on the front page of etsy. i love that.

1. necklace by SeaUnicorn, 2. ceramic art by ArtMind, 3. hoodled by rimadesigns, 4. cardigan by ttenden, 5. blouse by janeanemarie, 6. necklace by lilarubyking, 7. pillow by enhabiten, 8. cups by PigeonToeCeramic, 9. art print by UrbanPinkPhotography, 10. necklace by ioulia, 11. leather bag by TheLeatherStore, 12. loop necklace by nitca, 13. dress by minxshop, 14. headband by yellowgoat, 15. vintage oxfords by MariesVintage, 16. print by thePhotoZoo

friday morning aspirations

picture taken by maii found in her awesome photostream on flickr.

i haven't seen as much snow as in this winter in vienna for years... and for years i have been dreaming of going for a long walk in the snow. but then it's cold and vienna is not exactly the place i am dreaming of when i think of long walks. i need nature to walk around and to get lost in it. maybe this is something for my to-do list.

music we love...

[by nature we are quiet]

we were able to see cats on fire live last year in munich and it was so awesome. even better than on every clip by them you can see on youtube and that's nearly impossible. ever since the new year has started i want to make a list of the bands we saw live last year... maybe this is a start. i love cats on fire. there are so many lines in their lyrics i love so much and their music is in my heart and on my mind every day ...

[it all adds up to...]

picture by ohsweetnuthin. i love her wonderful photos.

friday morning aspirations

these awesome pictures are taken by .nevara. i love the way she sees the world and the things she seems to be focused on... it looks like a world full of warm and wonderful things. take a look at her blog 365 of .nevara.

saturday night engine

picture taken by carly found in her wonderful photostream on etsy

collections: a thief with an eye for nice things

a new treasury i made on etsy... did everyone notice now i love grey and pink?

1. print by Maya Lee, 2. print by Groundwork, 3. vintage shirt by Deer Heart Vintage, 4. print by The Photo Zoo, 5. pillow by enhabiten, 6. earrings by joelinha, 7. dish towel by Chakra Pennywhistle, 8.necklace by Sumiko Shop, 9.necklace by yes you maigh, 10.neckcowl by Thrush, 11. bag by forestbound, 12. necklace by polarity, 13. coat by ttenden, 14. print by sfgirlbybay, 15. card by Satsuma Press, 16. earrings by Karuski

friday morning aspirations

... even though I started to like winter I do long for summer and most of all for a blue sky. I think I haven't seen one in weeks.

pictures by coquinete

collections: our aspirations are wrapped up in books

this little treasury i made got on the front page of etsy... thanks to the gorgeous items in it!

1. necklace by PaperPhine, 2. poufik by Eva Forever, 3. vintage oxfords by Maries Vintage, 4. earrings by Shiho Yamashita, 5. pin by GGiotta, 6. print by MagicIsland, 7. earrings by Deer Lola, 8. card by ArtMind, 9. shorts by My Lola Fashion, 10. craspedia by Pigeon Toe Ceramics, 11. print by Jane Heller, 12. necklace by Laurel Hill, 13. legwarmers by cotylee, 14. print by Julie Davis Photo, 15. earrings by Yasha Butler

is there snow all over the world right now?

... and does it have to be that cold when snow is falling?

card by Nina Glaser