it's autumn, love

as much as i hate the cold time of the year and especially september because i need to adjust to the ending of summer every year, some great friends just make me smile so often ... maybe it doesn't matter so much in which season we are in. maybe summer can be every time of the year. on the inside.

like a ten year old pretending / summer isn't really ending

thanks to a wonderful friend i found the perfect place to swim this summer. it's close to vienna and i have no idea why i've never been there before. as i had a couple of years to catch up on spending time there we had some great last hot august days there. langos is the perfect meal for funny days...

lovers prayers

... here's to you, you awesome, wonderful and gorgeous young married couple! we were so glad to celebrate this special day with you and wish you everything you hope for.

the garden

now here's the plan to write in two languages. well, i have had this plan for quite some time but i'm a little bit afraid of actually doing it. i'm only able to think in german or in english. things i write in one language are often not the same than in the other language... because translating doesn't always work. i think differently in both languages and things that are on my mind in english are not necessarily on my mind in german. but i'll try... our garden is making wonderful things right now. everything seems to be ripe at the same time and our storeroom is full of tomatoes, chard and argula. we also have tons of apples and pears and green beans. and lots of herbs. i'm so thankful to be able to plant this small piece of earth and to be able to bring all this great things in our kitchen. suddenly autumn doesn't seem so bad...

so. jetzt gibt es also den plan zweisprachig zu schreiben. den plan gibt es eigentlich schon länger, aber ich hab angst vor der umsetzung... ich kann nur entweder in der einen sprache oder der anderen denken und ich glaube, das was in der einen sprache im kopf ist, lässt sich nicht in die andere einfach so übersetzen... weil es in der anderen sprache ganz andere dinge sind, die wichtig sind. aber ich versuch es einmal: der garten macht gerade wunderbare dinge. alles scheint plötzlich gleichzeitig reif zu sein und der kühlschrank platzt vor tomaten und mangold und ruccola. äpfel und birnen und fisolen sind auch gerade reif. und eine menge an kräutern. ich bin so dankbar über diesen kleinen flecken, den ich bebauen kann und der jedes jahr wunderbare dinge in unsere küche bringt. dann kann herbstanfang doch plötzlich schön sein...

summer skies

so this was summer. it's been so cold around here for days. sometimes i think one should learn to deal with the seasons... but the older i get, the harder it gets. a grey sky just annoys me. i can't find anything beautiful in it. i don't like leaving the house when it's grey and rainy and i don't like to stay inside either when i have to turn on artificial light. don't get me wrong... i'm the most optimistic and cheerful person. and i don't always whine about things and especially the weather. but this is stupid. it can't start like this at the beginning of september. in lots of other blogs i read about people who love autum the most. well, i'm not one of them. september scares me to to death... all the people who were away the whole summer return into town and it starts to get hectic and stressful. so i need to look back... i love blue skies. i love summer. i love quietness. i love laying in tall grass. i love summer dresses.

haus der kleinen künste & good morning - midnight

... so our clothes have moved to munich for three months. well, at least a lot of them. they will be available at the haus der kleinen künste in the beautiful gärtnerviertel. it's not easy for me to give my beloved pieces away... but they are in good hands. and hopefully they will be in the hands of new owners who treat them well soon. if you are somewhere near munich they would love to see you there. after saying good bye i went to the munich fabric start. it was amazing. and not only the free coffee bars in each hall were wonderful. i also found new ways to get awesome fabrics. even though sometimes people are looking at me as if i were an alien. it's strange... i try to look serious and adult but others never seem to see that in me. i find that very funny.