dissidents of silence

"the future isn't what it used to be - it is yours! - can i please be a part of it?"
"we all became a friend / with the sun for a while / i've seen her quite often / and soon i was blind"
"how the bad times burn down - slowly"

"when the times change / and you don't complain / i'm all so sick of this / when your house burns / and your future turns / i'm all so sick of this" (monochrome)

ohlalala... even if things are crazy someone should do things one loves the most. besides going outside i love going on concerts. seeing bands. listening to music is one thing. seeing bands play live is something completely different. experiences from the past told me that it doesn't really matter if you know a band very well, if you loved them before or if you have known them already for a long time. if you see an awesome band live, you love them. very much. great concerts always go straight into my body and into my mind. i've never been to linz before and i've never seen valina live. i hardly knew them before. and it was pretty awesome... every time something great is over i would love to see or experience it again. and again, and again, and again.
more about that from another point of view over here: hell yeah!

play it again, and play it loud...

hello darkness my old friend / i've come to talk with you again / because a vision softly creeping / left it's seeds while i was sleeping / and the vision that was planted in my brain / still remains / within the sound of silence (simon and garfunkel)

if you ever play a false note, play it again, and play it loud (thelonius monk)

i've tried to escape the cold and grey city. being outside always gets me on the ground. at least for the moment. and it makes me happy. profoundly. and at least for some time. being outside allows me to escape all bad thoughts, all doubts and all unawareness. it leaves me alone with my daydreams, hopes and everything i believe in. all the good things. it gives me the confidence that things are gonna be alright. no matter what happens.

it's all just a little bit off with the fairies for me

and now the sun's coming up / i'm riding with lady luck / freeway, cars and trucks / stars beginning to fade / and i lead the parade (tom waits)

i don't really have both feet on the ground right now. not even one i fear. so it's all just a little bit off with the fairies for me as agnes kain sings in one of my favorite songs. i loved that part of the lyrics from the moment i first heard it and i didn't even really know the meaning. sometimes i feel like in one of those funny wolf haas books where the leading character always has the line of a song in his mind and it always tries to tell him something. "off with the fairies" is an australian phrase and it means something like "daydreaming" or "not in touch with reality"... off with the fairies. on a ferry, near fairytales, surrounded by good faeries. but there is something like a plan. i'll try to get four feet on the ground, a head full of foliage and i'll learn to see the world with my heart.

where the hell do we go from here?

it's getting worse / you've hardly said a word / since you set eyes on the horizon (the lucksmiths)

there's one thing about cities i really can't stand - you never see the horizon. long walks do not make sense if you never see the horizon. you get very narrow minded in all this narrowness. in some kind of way. when it comes to culture you get open minded in the city. i need both. and i should go for walks more often. i should go and see other places than vienna. there are some more resolutions for this year: to open my eyes. to walk around and absorb every little thing that looks or feels great. and to keep all great impressions forever. locked in my heart, in my camera, in my mind.