dissidents of silence

"the future isn't what it used to be - it is yours! - can i please be a part of it?"
"we all became a friend / with the sun for a while / i've seen her quite often / and soon i was blind"
"how the bad times burn down - slowly"

"when the times change / and you don't complain / i'm all so sick of this / when your house burns / and your future turns / i'm all so sick of this" (monochrome)

ohlalala... even if things are crazy someone should do things one loves the most. besides going outside i love going on concerts. seeing bands. listening to music is one thing. seeing bands play live is something completely different. experiences from the past told me that it doesn't really matter if you know a band very well, if you loved them before or if you have known them already for a long time. if you see an awesome band live, you love them. very much. great concerts always go straight into my body and into my mind. i've never been to linz before and i've never seen valina live. i hardly knew them before. and it was pretty awesome... every time something great is over i would love to see or experience it again. and again, and again, and again.
more about that from another point of view over here: hell yeah!

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