did i mention how much i'm in love with this pair of shoes? i couldn't find them anywhere all over europe and they were so expensive if i would have ordered them via a usual shop in the us. lucky me i found them on ebay - in my size, new and perfect. during the fotoshooting i couldn't get my eyes off seychelles blimey

our days in the sun

recently we had a couple of things to celebrate... we had a car and we drove off to a place we love. we went for a long walk and the sun was shining most of the time. unforunately the place we love the most there, a field with an enormous cherry tree has changed quite a lot... so we need to find a new place to love and to hide... i think that might be a good plan for summer.

days / part IV

... ok, it's been raining for days and we haven't seen spring in a long time. but at least april was great. and the sun will come... so the forecast is better than in - let's say september. i just need to be a little more patient, things are going to be great. the sun will come and stay for quite some time.

days / part III

... when i was a kid we spent the whole summer at this lake. i thought it was as big as the sea. once my dad and my brother found quite a lot of money in it, well for me as a kid it felt like winning the lottery. as no one asked for it we were allowed to spend everything on boardgames and felt like little kings and queens. i still love this place so much. and the sunsets there are the best you can find near vienna...

monday: images of inspiration

1. art photograph by lolas room, 2. fine art photograph by valeria h, 3. fine art photograph by jane heller, 4. fine art photograph by felicitycrew, 5. necklace by sea unicorn, 6. fine art photograph by jane heller, 7. hat by paint it gold, 8. fine art photograph by alicia bock, 9. necklace by in most light 10. necklace by ioulia, 11. fine art photograpy by sarah moldovan, 12. felted textile art cuff by vilte 13. photograph by carey shaw, 14. glass cubes by gobead, 15. fine art photograph by alice b. gardens 16. fine art photograph by frances photography

days / part II

... did i mention how much i love spending time outside?


... after finishing the new collection and taking pictures i needed to take a couple of days off. completely off. i'm not very good in doing nothing but enjoying life. i've got to learn that some day. maybe someday pretty soon.

we went out of the city and spent time in the sun. i wonder if i'll ever be able to feel freedom in winter or autumn. freedom is so damn connected to sun and warm weather... and i do need that feeling of complete freedom. a lot.