collections: still find the time to dream

1. ascot by yarnovermovement, 2. artprint by thepinkballoon, 3. loop necklace scarf by nitca, 4. top by MyLolaFashion, 5. fine art photograph by Susanna Tucker, 6. dress by Nadinoo, 7. earrings by vadjutka, 8. photograph by MagicIsland, 9. print by blissfulimages, 10. fine art photographic print by ajawin, 11. fine art photograph by janeheller, 12. necklace by majaintheshop, 13. earrings by MothHouse, 14. photograph by jennifersquires, 15. bag by woodroots, 16. bag by jennyndesign

friday morning aspirations (late ones)

"get me away from here i'm dying" is the start of a wonderful song by belle & sebastian. i love this band so much and i'm dying for a new album. on friday we had a lot of work to do around here... working on the new clothes, working around our apartment, grocery shopping - things like that and i couldn't make up my mind for some aspirations even though things are in my head all the time. i'm a little bit up in the air these days... maybe because the snowbells started to bloom, maybe because there is sun all over vienna suddenly, maybe because days seem so long at last.
pictures taken by the wonderful Elle Moss.

find her shop here and her flickr stream here.

monday: images of inspiration

pictures taken by Variableimaginaria.
to be honest, i completely slept through my friday morning aspirations. so this is a categorie about inspiration now... there is not really a difference between aspiration and inspiration for me. most things that inspire me are also aspiring. we had an awesome weekend here in vienna, the sun came out - finally. and days seem to be so long at last. this morning i woke up finding a wonderful blog post on poppytalk featuring us and all the other great artists in the international arts & craft fair on poppytalk handmade. enough reasons to celebrate.

love is in the air...

i found this video on poppytalk some time ago and i just have to reblog it. i love this video. and i also would love to walk through a forest full of hearts. eyes and cheeks that look like hearts wouldn't be bad either... maybe this could help to make a better world with more love in it. spring seems so close, maybe it is already there when we walk home...

collections: from europe with love

1. print by MarcoLaGrenouille, 2. clutch bag by retrospettive, 3. garlande by Amoritz, 4. print by JKphotography, 5. earrings by niandra, 6. vintage cardigan by leolucaescobar, 7. scarf by mandag, 8. print by angelacallanan, 9. hat by tortillagirl, 10. print by JenniPenni, 11. ring by VerenaSchreppel, 12. necklace by SinceShop, 13. ceramic sculpture by ArtMind, 14. scarf by eleanorrot, 15. print by TheDailyPhoto

things change...

... well, we have been doing quite a lot of thinking lately. we are in the middle of the spring/summer collection and we are still trying to figure out how things work in the world of selling.

a couple of decisions were made and we are going through some changes and news.
first of all, we accommodated our prices. pricing is a very hard thing... and it was not easy to calculate our pieces...

the other news is that we opened shops on two other platforms. we started on dawanda to reach more people in europe and we are right in the middle of the start on supermarket. we would love to see you somewhere around there.

and another great new thing is the fact that good morning - midnight is taking place in the poppytalk handmade international art & craft fair until the 12th of march. there are so many gorgeous items there. it would be lovely if you would take a look there too.

and finally we are a proud new member of the european street team on etsy.

we wish you all a wonderful time and hope to see you soon.

collections: always waiting for the summer sun

well, i think this is the first year in my life i actually started to like winter. a little. but it's time for spring. winter is ok, spring is better and summer is the best. i'm a summers child with every cell of my body and my soul. and i'm so longing for warm, hot and long days...

1. print by GabrielleKai, 2. plate by dovetail, 3. top by hende, 4. print by CoriKindred, 5. romper by ggiotta, 6. coasters by birribe, 7. scarf by louisbyamanda, 8. skirt by sohomode, 9. earrings by AntiGenre, 10. skirt by makoollovesyou, 11. mobile by tealandgold, 12. shoes by deerheartvintage, 13. necklace by foundling, 14. mug by atelierOKER, 15. vest by clevernettle, 16. necklace by karmologyclinic

friday morning aspirations

these awesome pictures are taken by Allie Hawley a young photographer from wisconsin. i'm so in love with her pictures... they are full of aspirations, hopes and dreams. i love her portraits and her landscapes. and they remind me of things i am dreaming of... i would love to spend more time outside, walking and wandering around through times and different landscapes. i would love to spend more time dreaming and being happy just with the thoughts in my head and the nature around... yes, i'm longing for summer. i'm only able to be outside when it is warm. i don't like coldness, darkness and wetness... maybe it is spring when the snow melts this time.

a new etsy frontpage

MySalvagedLife brought us on the frontpage of etsy today... i knew it the moment i saw it. this collection was just too beautiful. and the pieces of MySalvagedLife are wonderful...

friday morning aspirations

pictures taken by adelaide rose. she is such a talented, amazing and wonderful young photographer... i like her dreamy, unique photographs a lot.

collections: oh, it's the little things

oh, there are so much wonderful things on etsy i love so much. but just that you know... we are still working on our own stuff! making this gorgeous collections and looking at all those lovely things is a source of inspiration and most of all a source of joy and fun. we are heading up for quite some adventures within the next time with good morning - midnight. this week we are off to the munich fabric start to take a look at new fabrics (hopefully organic) and with the start of the olympic games we will take place in poppytalks international craft & art market. there's a lot to be done...

1. dress by njurdesign, 2. organic lavender bags by lapomme, 3. print by transfertransfer, 4. ring by PaperPhine, 5. art print by labokoff, 6. earrings by lunaticart, 7. shirt by BrooklynTailors, 8. hat by umschlag, 9. earrings by ExoticFlavour, 10. belt by iheartnorwegianwood, 11. photograph by MarcoLaGrenouille, 12. leggings by duende74, 13. trousers by lollycrispvintage, 14. bag by redrubyrose, 15. cowl by thehouseofhemp, 16. pins by liloshop