collections: always waiting for the summer sun

well, i think this is the first year in my life i actually started to like winter. a little. but it's time for spring. winter is ok, spring is better and summer is the best. i'm a summers child with every cell of my body and my soul. and i'm so longing for warm, hot and long days...

1. print by GabrielleKai, 2. plate by dovetail, 3. top by hende, 4. print by CoriKindred, 5. romper by ggiotta, 6. coasters by birribe, 7. scarf by louisbyamanda, 8. skirt by sohomode, 9. earrings by AntiGenre, 10. skirt by makoollovesyou, 11. mobile by tealandgold, 12. shoes by deerheartvintage, 13. necklace by foundling, 14. mug by atelierOKER, 15. vest by clevernettle, 16. necklace by karmologyclinic


  1. So beautiful selected, thanks a lot for the feature here!

  2. sweet, pretty, summer crushes . . .