things change...

... well, we have been doing quite a lot of thinking lately. we are in the middle of the spring/summer collection and we are still trying to figure out how things work in the world of selling.

a couple of decisions were made and we are going through some changes and news.
first of all, we accommodated our prices. pricing is a very hard thing... and it was not easy to calculate our pieces...

the other news is that we opened shops on two other platforms. we started on dawanda to reach more people in europe and we are right in the middle of the start on supermarket. we would love to see you somewhere around there.

and another great new thing is the fact that good morning - midnight is taking place in the poppytalk handmade international art & craft fair until the 12th of march. there are so many gorgeous items there. it would be lovely if you would take a look there too.

and finally we are a proud new member of the european street team on etsy.

we wish you all a wonderful time and hope to see you soon.

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