friday morning aspirations

these gorgeous, awesome, dreamy pictures are taken by M. Fayre Photography. i love her arrangements, her sense for sensibility and silent moments, her colors, her view...

collections: someone come and take me away

1. skirt by patkas, 2. photograph by felicitycrew, 3. necklace by ioulia, 4. scarf by louisbyamanda, 5. beads by ThreeBlueBee, 6. dress by isabelamyo, 7. bag by raramodo, 8. necklace by vadjutka, 9. earrings by iomiss, 10. ceramic sculpture by ArtMind, 11. necklace by karmologyclinic, 12. dress by MQuin, 13. gloves by homelab, 14. earrings by lunaticart, 15. necklace by SinceShop

collection: taking looks over your shoulder

1. "ranunculus" - print by jkphotography, 2. "vague normandes 1" - print by labokoff, 3. "fairyland" - fine art photograph by inmost light, 4. "what dreams may come true" - photograph by kristybee, 5. "reflection" - print by valeria h., 6. "nothing left to say" - fine art photograph by ajawin, 7. "beach bliss" - fine art print by urban pink photography, 8. "gazing" - image by the pink balloon, 9. "16 Feb 10" - fine art photo by the daily foto, 10. "ipperwash #1" - photograph by jennifer squires, 11. "a girl thing" - print by simply hue designs, 12. "the invitation" - fine art photograph by susannah tucker, 13. "settle down from the morning" - print by bee brady photography, 14. "empty" - fine art photographic print by m. fayre photography, 15. "landscape linies" - fine art photograph by felicity crew, 16. "softly" - mini print by lori h.

friday morning aspirations

these unbelievable wonderful, soft, calm, warm and peaceful pictures are taken by valeria heine. the light and the earthy colors in her work are just like the world looks in my dreams... i can't find more words i can only look and marvel. you can buy her pictures in her etsy shop and take a look at her homepage.

friday morning aspirations

these amazing, awesome and wonderful art prints are made by tali of tushtush. i love her paintings so much.

essential wear

collections: something clear and true

1. vintage dress by ggiotta, 2. art print by f2images, 3. vintage cardigan by thrush, 4. pillow by lotta helleberg, 5. white nesting bowls by tuuni, 6. necklace by SeaUnicorn, 7. pillowcover by innofheart, 8. vintage dress by dutchdrift, 9. napkins by elisabeth benz, 10. clutch by eclu, 11. print by EliseAllenArt, 12. small object canvases by pilosale, 13. print by thePhotoZoo, 14. necklace by adorapop, 15. earrings by dearheartvintage, 16. lavender bag by lapomme