collections: oh, it's the little things

oh, there are so much wonderful things on etsy i love so much. but just that you know... we are still working on our own stuff! making this gorgeous collections and looking at all those lovely things is a source of inspiration and most of all a source of joy and fun. we are heading up for quite some adventures within the next time with good morning - midnight. this week we are off to the munich fabric start to take a look at new fabrics (hopefully organic) and with the start of the olympic games we will take place in poppytalks international craft & art market. there's a lot to be done...

1. dress by njurdesign, 2. organic lavender bags by lapomme, 3. print by transfertransfer, 4. ring by PaperPhine, 5. art print by labokoff, 6. earrings by lunaticart, 7. shirt by BrooklynTailors, 8. hat by umschlag, 9. earrings by ExoticFlavour, 10. belt by iheartnorwegianwood, 11. photograph by MarcoLaGrenouille, 12. leggings by duende74, 13. trousers by lollycrispvintage, 14. bag by redrubyrose, 15. cowl by thehouseofhemp, 16. pins by liloshop


  1. thank you for posting this, was so hoping to see this compilation of photos again - cheers xoxo - sarah,

  2. Thank you Manuela for featuring my "Gris" earrings!!! and I am in such a good company!
    Great selection of beautiful things! (I own a harness from Norwegianwood)

  3. wonderful picks! thanks a lot for including my earrings in your beautiful blog.