summer skies

so this was summer. it's been so cold around here for days. sometimes i think one should learn to deal with the seasons... but the older i get, the harder it gets. a grey sky just annoys me. i can't find anything beautiful in it. i don't like leaving the house when it's grey and rainy and i don't like to stay inside either when i have to turn on artificial light. don't get me wrong... i'm the most optimistic and cheerful person. and i don't always whine about things and especially the weather. but this is stupid. it can't start like this at the beginning of september. in lots of other blogs i read about people who love autum the most. well, i'm not one of them. september scares me to to death... all the people who were away the whole summer return into town and it starts to get hectic and stressful. so i need to look back... i love blue skies. i love summer. i love quietness. i love laying in tall grass. i love summer dresses.

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