haus der kleinen künste & good morning - midnight

... so our clothes have moved to munich for three months. well, at least a lot of them. they will be available at the haus der kleinen künste in the beautiful gärtnerviertel. it's not easy for me to give my beloved pieces away... but they are in good hands. and hopefully they will be in the hands of new owners who treat them well soon. if you are somewhere near munich they would love to see you there. after saying good bye i went to the munich fabric start. it was amazing. and not only the free coffee bars in each hall were wonderful. i also found new ways to get awesome fabrics. even though sometimes people are looking at me as if i were an alien. it's strange... i try to look serious and adult but others never seem to see that in me. i find that very funny.


  1. ich finde ja irgendwie, dass münchen und wien recht viele ähnlichkeiten haben... nur sind bei euch mehr menschen auf der straße. das ist netter! und wenn frau an jeder ecke kaffee gereicht bekommt ist es natürlich noch schöner :)