collections: our aspirations are wrapped up in books

this little treasury i made got on the front page of etsy... thanks to the gorgeous items in it!

1. necklace by PaperPhine, 2. poufik by Eva Forever, 3. vintage oxfords by Maries Vintage, 4. earrings by Shiho Yamashita, 5. pin by GGiotta, 6. print by MagicIsland, 7. earrings by Deer Lola, 8. card by ArtMind, 9. shorts by My Lola Fashion, 10. craspedia by Pigeon Toe Ceramics, 11. print by Jane Heller, 12. necklace by Laurel Hill, 13. legwarmers by cotylee, 14. print by Julie Davis Photo, 15. earrings by Yasha Butler

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  1. this is such a pretty collection ! Danke schön to have included my work :)