new years resolutions

well... to be honest I don't care about new years eve a lot. I don't like to have a date that tells me something new has got to start. A year ends with the last warm day, with the last day of long hours of daylight. Sometimes it also ends with the longest night. And it starts with the first snowdrop and the first glimpse of the warm sun... there is no need for a date.

But maybe it's time to start something. To write down, what's important in life... (without order, because everything is important)

No1. Be happy

(fortune cookie byRaedunn)

No2. Learn Italian

(photography print by Gabrielle Kay)

No3. Clean shoes more often

(vintage black leather oxfords by SkinnyandBernie)

No4. Take time to see little things

(print by Labokoff)

No5. Get organized

(date patches by Chakra Pennywhistle)

No6. Laugh often

(bowl by Palomas Nest)

No7. Spend more time outside

(stoneware miniatures by elukka)

No8. Be kind

(note by afavorite)

No9. Have time to dream

(canvas print by TushTush)

No10. Make dreams come true

(skirt by Ouma)

No11. Go on adventures

(earrings by Ten Things)

No12. Go for walks

(canvas print by TushTush)


  1. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for this feature. I love every single pick. You have a beautiful blog!

  2. Thank you so much for the lovely feature on the FP the other day! I missed it obviously but I'm glad I got to see it here! :)