friday ... - something - aspirations (where the wild things are)

pictures taken by mkendall photography... the first one of this wonderful pictures is called "where the wild things are". i love mkendalls pictures. i love the fireworks or that things that look like it - that spots of light and so much more in her photographs... and i love the movie "where the wild things are". these days i have the main song of the film in my head, quite often... all is love. oh yes. and it is spring. only a couple of days to go until we will show you the first pictures of the new good morning - midnight collection. there is still a lot to be done. but the ending is near - i promise. all that work "behind the scenes" is so much to deal with and it takes so much time... we like to take the time that is needed to make things perfect and the way we want them.

i also plan some new blog categories... and to blog more often. not only about things i love and things that inspire me but also about things a actually do. things that surround my life, my work... my - everything.

and i want to thank anna of h.anna for blogging about our little label... so much. i got to know her on etsy. she runs an awesome shop there too - liloshop. it's full of little treasuries...


  1. There's some magic in those pictures for sure. And lovely light too. Good luck with finishing the new collection, will look forward to seeing your new pieces!

  2. Thank you for that wonderful post! You have a lovely blog.