we drive / time flies

i love being on the road. it doesn't matter if i go by train or by car... i just love it. that feeling of being nowhere. having time to do nothing but look. that's almost everything i ever dream of. sit there, be quiet and look. with and open mouth. with an open heart. never being able to believe how great things are. never being able to realize, why time stands still while you move. why you don't move but get moved. these days i'd love to have a car again. besides all things about it i don't like. i do love that feeling of freedom...


  1. It's getting worse / You've hardly said a word / Since you set eyes on the horizon / But I've seen the other side of that ocean there / And it can't compare to this / So I'll steal another kiss / Before the sun goes down on this fibrotown / And we give chase / Like all those other days / I suppose it's no surprise / We drive, time flies

  2. WOW! these are amazing.. especially the last 2 photos...

    xx, Sabinna and David