we get hurt, we get lost, we get found

"there's a kiss / there's a fight / there are dreams"
"... i can't feel anything / i just keep going"

yesterday a complete stranger started a conversation with me in a supermarket. it's a strange world where you get suspicious because someone asks you something. at first i was suspicious, i have to admit that. but than the conversation went on and on and i kind of got lost in it. it started with mozzarella cheese, went on to italy, croatia and sharks, thomas bernhart and claus peymann, the theatre, art, travelling and the opera. i love conversations where you start at one point and end somewhere completely different. a talk like a ping-pong game. one thing follows another and everything makes sense. during the conversation and in the end. these days it's the little things that make me happy and that make my day. and these forty minutes or something made my day. i learned how to get standing tickets in the opera and that the opera can be a kind of therapy. now i think i have to try that, even if i never ever thought i would be that kind of person that would ever go into the opera. i think i smiled during the whole conversation because i love that kind of talking. that kind that makes absolutely no sense and at the same time most sense of all...

and today there was a visit at the ikea, shopping at ikea also makes no sense and it makes completely happy... a pavillon for the upcoming markets had to be bought. and there was prinzesstarta and the other great tart. and swedish cranberry juice. and a lot of rain. and a pretty awesome gardenchair that had to wait because there was no free hand to carry it home.

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