in summer we go southernmost

i try to take pictures in fall too. i swear. but so often it is cloudy, foggy, cold and grey around here. i have to admit, as much as i try... and i really, really do, i can't deal with autumn and winter. in fact, i hate both seasons. or i hate being in vienna at this time. it could be better somewhere else. i don't know exactly where. but in my dreams it is better somewhere. i have to find that place. i'm not quite sure if i'll be able to get old at a place that is cold and grey like 80 % of the year. i don't want to sound pissed all the time, but the older i get, the harder this gets. i'm working so well in spring and summer. on warm days. in summer dresses. but i'm just not working all the other time of the year. so i keep looking at those last pictures of summer. we spent the last weekend of august there and i was hoping to come back in september for one last swim. well, it was to cold in september... and now i have to wait at least seven months for the next warm day.

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