our days in the sun / are quickly passing

there was one more weekend in vienna that felt like spring in autumn. exactly what i was hoping and wishing for... turning autumn and winter into spring and summer. well, there were no leaves on the trees, but it made quite a great noise to walk through fallen leaves. the grass was not really green, but the sky was blue and you can't always get what you want, especially not when it comes to seasons. we were walking like through the whole wiener wald. from one cardinal point to another. it felt like at least twenty kilometres... actually i think it was between ten and fifteen. but it felt awesome. my mind started to get clear for once and it almost felt like spring. except that stupid winter time and the fact, that it gets dark between four and five in the afternoon which is extremely bugging me. but whatever, it was a great day. i have to spend much more days like this. slow. a lovely friend and i had the idea of balancing on slack lines over fallen yellow leaves to catch these last warm sun beams with our hair and absorb it in our hearts to get through winter... but it was not that kind of warmth. we'll do that in spring as soon as the first warm sunbeams are coming out.

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