ten skies

even though there is sun all over vienna for weeks i don't take too much pictures these days. there is a lot of work to be done. i had to work quite a bit in my daytime job and there are orders to be finished. it is also about time to think about christmas presents, baking cookies and drinking tee.

whenever there is no time to take pictures i go through old ones and sort them in new ways. i love the movies of james benning. and i love the idea of ten skies. here are ten skies that blew my mind away...

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  1. It was winter for a while but now the sun is shining through / She laughs at that old saying ‘let a smile be your umbrella’ / I tell her ‘the next time that it’s raining I will hold it over you’ / I like the way that she looks at me / I like every little bit of this / When she’s here I’m always happy / And when she’s not I’m happyish