and ever, and ever, and ever, and ever...

everyday / is not silent / everyday / is not grey
but how often you may question the questions again /
not every wine is a headache / nor's every headache a rhyme /
everyday... is neither silent / nor is it just grey (valina)

another day, another concert. another day, another dance as ballboy sing in a wonderful song. i'm hitting the road at the moment. haunting from one place to another, looking for things that mean something. or for nothing that means everything. at the moment the ship to escape leads to budapest. and ship to escape is a song by valina. last weeks concert. and this was oh so different. both great. both so completely ... different.

i saw francis international airport play live for the first time a couple of years ago as a support for bishop allen. i loved them very much. they were a bit too sad as a support for bishop allen. but they were awesome. this time they were the headliner. diver was the support. wonderful, lovely, heartwarming. "we get hurt, we get lost, we get found"... a glimpse of hope, a promise? i would love not to get found but to find myself. somewhere between concerts, walks on tops of mountains and places, i've never seen before. turning around every stone. looking for something as judith hermann writes in one of her stories. and francis international airport were pretty great, also heartwarming and full of fantastic lyrics and breaks. a little grey and silent. but everyday is not silent nor is it just grey. some days are blue and green and pink and bright white. and wonderful.

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