oh my... i was in budapest. and after that i was in praque. looking under every stone for something. for a path. for a sign. for something, that means something. budapest is just a few hours train ride away from vienna and i've never been there before. i have no idea why. it is awesome and i loved it oh so much. there is a spa around every corner, the city glows in the dark and the danube is just amazing. and the bridges. these wonderful bridges. i wandered through the city for one day and visited the gellert-spa the other day. and this awesome gellert-spa. i loved it so much. one can't compare it to this soulless spas around here. it was so different. old and atmospheric and warm and special. i felt so good there in this warm and special water... and under this warm and special showers. and in this fantastic old building. i'm in love with budapest. and i want to go for a swim in the gellert every week from now on. every day to be honest.

but first of all there are a couple of other things to do. i couldn't get myself to work on new pieces for quite some time. now i have to. and it must be a hint of fate. good morning - midnight is going to be part of the FrauenKunstHandwerksmarkt ottensheim and the modepalast vienna. and this is going to be a new adventure. and such an enormous step. there is so much to in this next week and months. and i'm so excited. oh so excited. i could jump. and run around like crazy. but first of all, i'm going to make a plan. we are going to need a plan. and at the same time i still want to hit the road. zurich would be great. rome too. and berlin. and amsterdam... and there are concerts to visit. and new recipes to try...

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