el condor pasa ...

i need to share some more pictures of my visit in salzburg at a pretty awesome friend of mine in january. i'm still thinking about these two days in the mountains and in nature. i ate "pofesen" for the first time in my life... quite a lot of them. and i loved them. they are something like soulfood. and i drank schnaps at noon for the first time in my life which was not so good... but ok and i handled it without vomiting :) and i slept in such a cold, cold room. and it was oh so wonderful. being in a house that is heated with wood is very special. everything smells special, cozy and warm. and there was an evening with singing and they let me to sing together with them even if they were way better than i am. i loved it. "el condor pasa" was one of the songs we sang, and it didn't work out so well. but at least it was a big laugh. so here's another thank you for these lovely days...

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