"look how low i've sunk / don't ask me to rise"
"we can make plans / i'll give all i can / you were my man / on the gold coast sand / we can break plans / i'll keep all i can / you'll be my friends / and start over again / and you can go i can't find you / there's no space, there's no time / but don't leave my mind" (azure ray)

another concert. it's only the end of february and there have been more concerts than in all of the last years. years ago i listened to azure ray once. i think there must be a cd somewhere in this house. but we can't find it. maybe it was never there. i think they were too sad for me back than. now i loved them. these wonderful sweet fairies were awesome on stage. their dresses, their appearance, their echo, their sound... and these wonderful sad lyrics. i loved their story of being friends like forever and always being able to make each other laugh. friends are very special. and you need to keep those you love the most forever. no matter how hard things are sometimes. there was sun in vienna for these last days... i can't help but think of slacklines in the sun. and falling down again, and again, and again.

and good morning - midnight is working... we have a new skirt and a new dress. the whole march will be full of sewing new pieces. and the following month will be full of sewing old pieces for the upcoming shows and fairs. today another confirmation arrived. good morning - midnight will be part of the wonderful webermarkt haslach. we are so much looking forward to this.

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