and every summer passed me by

a year ago i spent one month on a small island. i had a plan. i wanted to find the time i lost in my life here in the city. i nearly found it there, i wanted to keep it. i made plans about how i could get more valuable free time in my everyday life. how i could be able to live my life and be satisfied... with both feet on the ground and my head up in the clouds. i really had a plan and i wanted to make this work. so much.

then autumn came and winter came and i lost it. i lost my goal, my path, my plans... partly i blame the climate over here. who is able to keep his plans with all this seasonal changes? if you don't like winter and dark days you can't change that by making granola or baking cupcakes. i don't enjoy free time in winter. and in summer everything gets too stressfull. once there is june you know days are starting to get shorter in a couple of weeks. and then you wake up next morning and it's christmas. so here's another june. this time without the island because there is too much to do. and again i have the plan to get back time. and happiness. and freedom. but this time i don't have any idea how to do that...

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  1. This is a beautiful post you wrote, it took my breath. I so know how getting through the winter & longing for the next summer feels like. It seems like you were on the island i spend three years of my life a while back, Isn’t it a gorgeous place? The pictures you took of it are breathtaking .