will you swim for me?

"i'm laying in the soil / is it time for me to rise? / i've pulled all my stakes again / is there someone who can take me in?"
"i want to go to far away places / but momentum makes my head / ponderous and heavy / planetary rotation / is time winding down?" (rainer maria)

i need a new camera, i need new shoes, i need new clothes, i need to get out of this city, i need to go for a walk. no. i need to go hiking. i need a haircut. i need to read more books. i need to practice more yoga. i need to eat more healthy. i need to go for a swim. oh, i really, really need to go for a swim. and i need to get out of this city... did i mention that? i need to stop working all the time and start a life.

oh... and here are 10 goals for my summer. it has started already, hasn't it? 1. swim in lakes 2. go to places i've never been before, 3. read books, 4. go for long walks, 5. go hiking, 6. eat vegetables from the garden, 7. drink tea, 8. sleep outdoors, 9. make barbecues, 10. see friends and family more often.

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