back for good...

"kick down the gas pedal / turn off the light / let's float like the moon through this saturday night / we're restless / we're tired / we're lonely and sad ... take me to those places that i've never seen / it might make me that person that i've never been" (komeit)

i think i might be back. i mean, i wasn't really gone... but i needed to take a break from blogging, from advertising my work all the time, from thinking about work twentyfour hours a day and seven days a week. i mean, i didn't take a real break from work... i just tried to focus. to get things clear with good morning - midnight and with my life in general. but you really need time for a project like this. good morning - midnight is going a way into getting more and more professional. our shows and exhibitions got bigger and we didn't get along very well with the work behind the scenes. after taking a break from blogging i decided to take a break from my daytime job. and now there are about seven month ahead of me to get things in the right way and to find a way to life with my work and not to balance on the edge of an imminant burn out.

good morning -midnight is working on a new collection, on taking new pictures and on a couple of upcoming exhibitions. and i for myself started to crochet. i saw a blanket like this in a magazine and i remembered i've always wanted to know how to make one of it for myself... i think i'm working on it for about two weeks and i only finished half or a third of the squares. sometimes my hands get tired of crocheting... but i'm addicted. i can't stop before it is done.

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