at the end of the world

"and if i only could stand i wouldn't have to swim but my weakness is a lake and i'm not aware i take whatever floats along isn't meant to be strong but keeps the future unclear and that's one reason to swim here" (dust covered carpet)
"all the dams will give, at the end / at the end, at the end of the world / will you swim for me? (rainer maria)

one really couldn't say i'm one of these bloggers who's lifes seem perfect and full of days that make sense. hm. maybe i've always wanted to be one of those. but i failed. and i can't really write about things that are perfect. so i've given up searching for a perfect life. at least for a moment. i'll try to live with uncertainty and with having no safe path. at least until the plan starts to rise again... and it will. i know it will.

good morning - midnight is growing. and i think it is on a good way. autumn will be full of exhibitions, markets and shows. there are new pieces in our heads and we are working on backfilling our stock. so life never gets boring or dull. there are only a few weeks left until we hit the road again for the next exhibition. and in case you haven't already seen it... here's an exeptional awesome blog feature about our label. thank you so much, steff...

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  1. Thanks for the link! And perhaps you can do an exhibition in Canada someday?!