private dining

lately i've been trying to take pictures of things i cook. again. i've tried a couple of times. but i must confess... i'm just not that good. i'm not good in arranging food and having lots of wonderful plates and stuff like that. and i'm not very good in taking pictures of food because i don't want it to get cold... and because i'm not very patient when i'm hungry. but i was thinking i could do it anyway... maybe i'll turn it into a project like 52 weeks 52 new recipies. i watched that "julie & julia" movie lately... what a surprise. and i love, love, love to cook. i've got an enormous collection of vegan and vegetarian recipies... and someone needs to try them anyway. and i need to think more about the things i eat. i didn't care too much lately and i like food and eating to much for not caring. so i made babaganoush. and a couple of days earlier i made a mix of abalone mushrooms with seitan and a mix of asian green leaves...

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