finding that i'm right back on that train again

"hangin' at the station waiting for the final ride / time passes by / and it's getting harder to pretend / counting all the cracks in the pavement / don't ask why / but i'm moving closer to the edge / and it goes slow like the hours in my head / try to make your mark / try to keep from fading away / tell me lies / how to live and what you'd recommend"

"tell me that you'll break away / say that it's all gone / go ahead and count the days come on come on come on" (imaginary cities)

i've been to florence for just a couple of days to visit a wonderful friend and to stroll around town. unbelievable ill unfortunately. but florence made me forget that. i got obsessed with windows, flowers, the markets, the sound and the smell of the city. and of course the food.
things have been so fast around here in vienna. even though i'm taking a break from my daytime job, time is running through my fingers and i've got the feeling to work all the time, to never stop doing something, thinking something... it seems doing and thinking has taken power over living, feeling, smelling, tasting, hearing ... all that basic stuff. and that basic stuff is what makes a life worth living isn't it?
but i've found some new music to love (see lyrics)... and i've grown very fond of my camera again. and i need to remember to take breaks from time to time. spring is in the air. even though vienna will never be florence. and the sound and smell will never be able to make me as happy.

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